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Welcome to our web site, We do repair on faulty or dead laptops and LCD monitors with quick turn around, ie. one to two days for faults that we have parts to fix, or around one week if we need to order a replacement part - such as an IC or a DC socket.

Here you could also find information on repairing your faulty or dead laptop. What we provide are quick component level repair services on laptops and LCD monitors, such as Acer, Apple, Asus, Clevo, Compaq, Dell, Gateway,HP,IBM, Mag, NEC,Packard Bell,Panasonic,Prestigo,Samsung,Sony,Toshiba,vpr Matrix etc.

By Component level we mean repairing down to a capacitor, transistor or IC chip on the motherboard. Please look through our repair database for some of the faults we fixed.

Before sending in your laptop, please let us know the laptop model and fault, if no power at all, any lights? what happens when you push the power button? and make sure you have backed up your important data.

An inspection fee of $30 is payable by the owner if we need to dismantle the laptop to find out more about the fault, this charge is applied if the diagnostic took us more than 15 minutes.

NEW: Cash for Laptops, Laptop Recycling Scheme

Most of the time when we think of recycling we donít really think of getting paid, but if youíve got one too many laptops cluttering up your space this might be a game changer for you. We are offering cash of up to $150 for your used, and up to $100 for your broken/faulty laptops.

Click Cash for Laptops to find out how you can recycle your old laptops.

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